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Question from Susanne, May 15, 2012 at 8:49 AM:
Dear Dr. Durin,

I have read and re-read both “Modern Dog Arthritis Treatment” and “The Risks of Prescription Medications” and find them to be the most informative and comprehensive books I have read.

I have a 13 year old Miniature Poodle who has had a really rough year- he has had ACL surgery on both knees- and due to his age and having some arthritis prior to the surgeries he is now very stiff and showing signs of pain. He is a wonderful dog who has been a therapy dog, with hundres of hours of bringing joy to the elderly. He has also competed in agility, rally and obedience- he is a dream dog- loves to work and highly intelligent. At this stage in the game I am not expecting miracles- I would just like to feel that he is comfortable going for walks. I have tried Tramadol- which was not too terribly helpful- and now have him on Vetprofen- I am reluntant to keep him on Vetprofen long term. I would like to try SAM-e and picked some up at the Health Food store- this is geared for people- the dosdage is 200 mg and suggested amount 6 per day. What dosage would you suggest for David?




Dr. Chris’ reply:

Hi Susanne,

Thanks for the feedback :) Hope we can sort David out. The dose for SAM-e is as follows:

• One Vetri-SAM-e 90 mg tablet daily for dogs weighing 12 pounds or lighter
• One Vetri-SAM-e 225 mg tablet daily for dogs weighing between 13-34 pounds

This is of course based on the Vetri-Sam-e product but the human formulations are the same. The only exception is homeopathic SAM-e which does not seem to have much in it at all. So stick with the real deal.

I gotta say there are other supplements I would try ahead of SAM-e so if you want my supplement advice let me know.

Dr. Chris

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