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Vet’s Own Plan – Dog Arthritis Pain Relief does not have to be expensive or dangerous!

How a washed up old labrador riddled with painful arthritis (that even the vets had given up on)…breaks all the rules and returns to the park with a simple combination of everyday supplements.

No single product can treat your dog’s arthritis…but combine some together and the magic happens (yes I am a vet… no I am not crazy)

If your dog has arthritis, you want to do the best you can, right? You want to give your dog the best chance of a happy and pain free life. A life that is all about park time, swims and fun!

And do you want to heal your dog safely and as naturally as possible?

Let me tell you the story of a washed up old labrador that even the vets (OK, the vet was me) had given up on. Boris had nasty hip dysplasia. He also had elbow dysplasia and was overweight due to the lack of exercise. His owners could not lift him, he was in real pain and was very immobile. He was washed up.

I had put Boris on many drugs. In fact, I thought I had run out of options. After all, we had tried different types of anti-inflammatories, a course of Cartophen (similar to Adequan) and followed up with some glucosamine. That was all we could do, right?

Wrong. Very wrong.

Boris and his people gave me a lesson in what is called multi-modal therapy, or the use of a number of medicines and supplements together. Multi-modal therapy uses (usually) lower doses of more than one or two supplements and medicines which, when combined, improves effectiveness and reduces side effects.

Back to Boris…..nothing was really helping poor Boris and his owners were considering euthanasia. In desperation they searched online and ploughed through the amazing amounts of information on dog arthritis treatments. Through all the online puffery, misinformation and outright lies, and after many hours of searching, they came up with a solution that was very simple and VERY effective.

Boris improved immensely on a very simple supplement plan. He was the king of the park again and his Mom was ecstatic to get back to their walks, which were so healthy for both of them. Here is what a very grateful owner had to say:

“…our dog (a lab of 27 kg) is doing absolutely great thanks to your help!…Rimadyl has been tapered from 2x 50 mg per day to 2x 12.5 mg per day and I’m about to quit it as he seems to be perfectly normal even after a play in the park…”

Margreet, The Netherlands

How to give your dog a fresh start in life without pain

My name is Dr. Christopher Durin. I am a veterinarian in Sydney, Australia. Stories about dogs like Boris grabbed my interest in the use of supplements alongside (or sometimes in place of) normal veterinary medicines.

I spent many months researching this fascinating area, both online and at my practice. I became the go to guy for dog arthritis online. Here are some of the facts that became obvious to me over the months…

  • Arthritis is way more complicated than most people think. There is a LOT going on in these joints.
  • This means it is impossible to treat arthritis with just one supplement or medicine. You just can’t do it any more than you can ask someone to build a house with just a hammer.
  • Dogs instinctively hide pain and do it amazingly well, which means it is easy for us to miss the symptoms.

Please don’t take me as some guy who is 100% against prescription medicines. There are enough of these people online as it is. Nope, the only thing I am 100% against is pain.

The only thing I am really aiming for is a pain free quality of life for your dog.

Within these very wide goal posts I will do whatever works safely and effectively. This always requires multiple medicines / supplements and always requires a plan.

Click here to check my book and Glycanaid

Introducing Modern Dog Arthritis Treatment….multimodal treatment into practice…lots of treatment choices…evidence based and well researched

The plan is my book ‘Modern Dog Arthritis Treatment’. This book is the inside information of my own veterinary arthritis plan. It has been translated from Science speak into English, but leaves plenty of the science there for those who want it.

I use this plan every day on my doggy patients (and on myself!)

Modern Dog Arthritis Treatment brings together readily available supplements and medicines, but in a combination that makes it the safest and most effective treatment available today. It is flexible, evidence based and if you are not happy with the results I will work through your dog’s arthritis problems with you personally.

Here is what Jean had to say…

“I have downloaded and read your book, and I am absolutely thrilled with it. I will re-read again and again. For me, understanding medical terms, etc. is very, very hard, but your book is written in a manner this makes it less difficult. You have done a remarkable job.”

Jean, South Carolina – who organized the class action against Rimadyl and Pfizer way back in 1999.

Follow my steps and the plan will quickly relieve pain and dramatically improve the quality of life of your dog. Some of the things you will learn include:

  • How to attack the pain of arthritis in more ways than you thought possible. (And finally get your dog bouncing like a puppy again).
  • Quality of life improvements that go far beyond sore joints. (This plan is an overall health kick that will leave your dog feeling great).
  • How to identify arthritis and the causes of arthritis early in life. Arthritis can be a preventable disease, which means a happier and more enjoyable life.
  • How to tell if your dog is in pain…even when he is trying to hide it. That way you know when to start treatment and how well your treatment is working.
  • How to grade arthritis so you know exactly how bad your dog has the disease. This means you can target your treatments just right. No overdoing the fancy and expensive meds, no underdoing it and having your dog sore.
  • Learn the power of citrus fruits, avocados, other fruit extracts, vitamins, fatty acids, and more.
  • How to choke the blood supply of cells that cause arthritis, leading to less painful inflammation within the joint.
  • How to stop cartilage cells from killing themselves (a process called apoptosis). More cartilage cells means less arthritis and less pain.
  • How to block inflammation the natural way, which means less (or no) prescription meds and less money spent on these fancy drugs.
  • How to buy these drugs at low prices, saving you money and making sure you get exactly the right medicines for your dog.

I have no doubt this book will help you and make your dog comfortable with its arthritis. I also want you to be comfortable with your decision to buy this book and to implement it.

Click here to check my book and Glycanaid

My Guarantee

Buying stuff online always seems a bit risky – you don’t have that control or comfort of knowing me face to face. Soon we will seem like old buddies. But until then here is why you are not risking anything at all:

  • If you buy my book and are not getting real improvements, email or Skype me and we will work through it. I want your dog better and will give you my time to make sure this is the case.
  • If you are still not happy with my plan I insist that I return your money anytime within the first year. No questions asked. We will part as friends.
  • I use Paypal – the most trusted and safest payment option on the internet. Getting refunds (if you need them) is simple and easy through Paypal.

Here is what another very happy client had to say…

“Chris, I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading your e-book. Well worth the money. In fact just the info on the 4 stages of dog arthritis was worth the money.

After reading the book I was able to determine that my Lab’s arthritis was not as severe as I first thought. I figure he is at stage one and that a lot of his limping is caused by elbow dysplasia, which I did not know existed before reading the book.

This has allowed me to better asses medications for him and to increase his Glucosamine and fish oil regimen, in an attempt to ward off more joint degeneration.

I also appreciate your answering my email questions about various aspects of treatment for my dog.

Good job. Anyone who has a dog, specially a large or overweight one, should read your book even if arthritis is not a current problem. Cause it probably will be in the future and prevention is always better then treatment.”

Robert, Newport Beach, California

You get what you give

But one thing I do ask. Please don’t buy this book unless you really want your dog to have a less painful and much happier life. Once you buy, you are my client and I am going to stick with you until we get things right. So please don’t waste your time or mine unless you really plan to stick at helping your dog through this.

I have also set up some cool bonuses that will really help you. These are worth $168 and in reality a lot more.

  • For a limited time…A coupon for a FREE bottle of my preferred starter supplement Glycanaid. I LOVE Glycanaid and stand by it as the best supplement to get your dog moving again. To help your dog I need (as a baseline) a supplement that provides (in abundance) all the joint health ingredients. Glycanaid is the only supplement on the market that does this. So I am including it with the price of my book. That is a value of $39 all on its own.
  • 6 months membership in my veterinary forum. That is $102 worth of fantastic advice.
  • A mindmap for those visual people that shows my whole plan laid out.
  • Videos and podcasts galore.
  • Product sheets that detail all the important information on all the major supplements I suggest. These are worth $27 on their own.

We have a shared passion in keeping your dog comfortable and free from the pain of arthritis. I know how frustrating and helpless it can feel when you see your much loved dog in pain.

I can quickly relieve this pain and dramatically improve quality of life for your friend. Remember that with this book we can do it all safely and by combining the very best of todays (and tomorrows) treatments.

I just provide the guidelines, you are in control and get to decide what works best for your dog. Be reassured that I am a real vet with real contact details, so I am backing you up 100% on this.

Revisit the pleasure of walks in the park, making up for all the time lost due to arthritis. The treatments I suggest are not expensive, but our dog will be healthier, you will be healthier.

Here is what you need to do. You can get started on this instantly. Click this link and you will be taken to page where you can secure the book as all my bonuses to ensure a great response. Then email me and we can have a chat to get you started. Click now and I really look forward to talking soon.

Dr. Chris

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Question from Erica, Feb 2, 2013 at 8:00 AM:

Hi, Dr. Chris

My husband bought GlycanAid and DGP for our 12 year old Golden Retriever who suffers with arthritis and a clicky rear elbow.  I’ve started him on the GlycanAid, but am a bit wary of giving him the DGP as he’s on metacam (38 ml per day), and the cautionary notes on the DGP bottle says they should not be taken with NSAIDs.  Why is that the case, when DGP is an all natural product?  Fluke also has an steroid cream to help heal his front leg, where he bites it and pulls the hair from it (our vet says he does this because he’s in pain). Poor boy – he’s a handsome dog with an active brain, but his body’s letting him down at the moment.  My husband is working away from home at the moment, and that’s why I’m replying to this email. I hope to hear from you soon.  Regards, Erica

Dr. Chris’ reply:

Hi Erica,

The DGP has an anti-inflammatory effect of its own, which is why they say don’t use with NSAIDs. You might get away with both but be careful in an old dog. I think Metacam and Glycanaid would be a better combination.
Of course, weight control and pain killers like gabapentin (from your vet) can also be very helpful.
Hope that helps and keep me posted.
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Question from Olivia, Sep 16, 2012 at 9:52 PM:

Hi Dr. Chris,
My dog Nicky is 11 years old and has had spondylitis that was diagnosed 3 years ago.
Last year he had gold implants in his back, which have quite clearly worked very well. Unfortunately, during humid weather, he tends to get very weak on his hind legs and so we have begun a course of acupuncture to see if we can improve things.
Before the acupuncture he was on previcox, although we have since taken him off this. At present he taken cosequin, heel and traumeel by the homeopathic drug company zeel, and vertmedin 5mg for a very minor heart problem. Do you suggest anything else? As you can see, we’re more inclined towards homeopathic and alternative medicine rather than “hard drugs”!
Many thanks for all your help. Kind regards, Olivia
Dr. Chris’ reply:
Hi Olivia,

Does he have arthritis as well or just the spondylosis? Most likely he does have some arthritis.

The reason I ask is that the treatments for arthritis and back problems are quite different though the symptoms can look similar.

For back problems you are on the right track. Muscle and nerve pain issues tend to dominate, all of which your current treaments should help. Gabapentin is the mainstay of many dogs with sore backs. It IS a prescription drug but is quite safe, a good fall back for you.

For arthritis issues, if you are trying to avoid the previcox type drugs then the supplements are your best friends. The Glycanaid is my favorite and you will get that soon. Some sort of Omega 3 is also worthwhile – Flexerna is the Glycanaid brand and is quite unique. But normal human Omega 3 is not too bad either.

That is all I would consider for now. Try this for 3 months or so and we can reasess. Happy to chat in the meanwhile as you require.

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Message from Nicki, Jan 1, 2013 at 2:46:

Hi Chris,  just heard Topdog is no longer able to ship Glycanaid-HA to Australia due to Customs.    Sadly I don’t get your book either!   They have refunded my money however I’m very disappointed as felt quite encouraged by your recommendation.  X-rays show Lily has an elbow score of 2 and signs already of arthritis so I’m wanting to get on top of it as quickly as I can.  Better update your website that the offer is no longer available. Regards, Nicki
Dr. Chris’ reply:
Hi Nicki, how much would your dog weigh (roughly) ? I am just looking at a few supplement alternatives for you.
Nicki’s reply, Jan 31, 2013 at 9:11 AM:
Hi Chris, I found an Australian website who sells HA it’s Nikita Naturals Australia.   It mentions liquid and powder and I would never know how much you would incorporate along with the joint formula I’m already giving Lily.   Just to recap Lily is a 26kg Vizsla coming up to 3yrs.   With a score of 2 in each elbow.   I’ve started her swimming at a dog centre and she then runs around madly with another Vizsla after their swim and she is NOT pulling up sore even after getting up from sleep!   I’m really hoping the Nutra.Life concentrated Joint Powder with MSM is helping.   Anyway interested to know what you think about getting the HA in Australia ?  Cheers, Nicki
Dr. Chris’ reply:
Nicki, about 30mg a day should be fine. Start for 6 weeks and then reassess. I would definitely add it in.  The Aussie HA sounds fine :) Thanks for finding it, I can let others know as well :) Swimming is great, especially for front leg arthritis.

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Question from Kelly, Feb 1, 2013 at 5:21 AM: 

Hi Dr. Chris,

I tried posting to your blog but was unsuccessful.   I have a 7 year old, medium sized mixed breed male dog.  We got him from a rescue at age 1 ½.  He was at the rescue because he had been hit by a car.  He was seen by a vet but the x-rays showed no problems.  In the past 18 months, or so, he has developed lots of problems.  He has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and spinal arthritis.  He also has problems with his front legs.  I don’t think surgery is an option without operating on his whole body.  He has been on a raw diet for 9 months.  I am also giving him high dose fish oil, Cosequin, HA, CoQ10 and several other natural anti-inflammatory products.   Adequan injections did nothing for him.  I can find no natural or alternative therapy vets near where I live.  Do you have any other suggestions for him?  Thank you — Kelly



Dr. Chris’ reply:

Hi Kelly,

If your supplement regime (a pretty good one) is not working then you may need to try the prescription drugs. Used intermittently or longer term they can help a lot. You will need to discuss this with your vet. NSAIDs like Rimadyl as well as pain killer like tramadol or gabapentin can help a lot.
Is he unwell in himself with all this? Or just happy but stiff. There is also an immune mediated polyarthritis to consider if he really does seem unwell. This is very different from the wear and tear arthritis and I mention it because of the lack of any other problems on x-ray 18 months ago. Again, your vet would be the best to discuss this with.
Let me know.


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Question from Desiree, Jan 13, 2013 at 7:13 AM:

Hi Dr. Chris, I was wondering do you have stockists for your products here in the UK please?  I am nervous to order from abroad, customs here can sometimes confiscate products if they do not think they are suitable. Plus I have to pay a wacking great big tax on top! Also, I wanted to ask your opinion on the following info I was reading on a dog forum: One needs to use a glucosamine sulfate product 1500 mg. Research has shown that glucosamine hydrochloride is not readily absorbed from the GI tract to the joints. Additionally that when it is combined with chondroitin, the absorption is decreased even further. Depending on your dog’s condition you may not view an improvement even if you obtained the sulfate either. I did not with my boy…..  It is a huge debate in the scientific world, and both glucosamines are pure products. The sulfate is made from the hydrochloride…..additionally the sulfate degrades rapidly, and does not carry a good self life. They are saying the same goes for human joint supplements. Cannot help but think in a few years they will have a different take on it…..always debating, and changing. Have tried both and have not seen a difference with my boy. The following link was also recommended reading – http://www.nutrasense.com/gluchclvssul.html  — Desiree

Dr. Chris’ reply:

Desiree, there is a site called www.zoomadog.co.uk
http://www.zoomadog.co.uk/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=28&cat=+Top+Dog+Supplements. I agree that these supplements don’t always work, though for most dogs they seem to. The glucosamine chloride is fine. Put your best foot forward so that you know if it will work or not. In your case that means a good quality supplement like on the link above, for a minimum 3 months. Also remember the basics like weight control and regular exercise. Where does your dog have arthritis?

Desiree, January 16, 2013 at 8:12 AM:

Hi Dr. Chris, thanks for your reply and for the link – which product do you
recommend?  I see there is a choice of 3 on the link you give – Glycanaid
HA – Flexerna – Glycanaid.

For the past year I see some stiffness in my boxer girls back right leg,
when she gets up after resting she cannot put her full weight on it and
sometimes she yelps if she does.  It has progressively gotten worse such
that she is reluctant to sit and will not sit “square on” anymore – she
sits with both her legs tucked under her to the side.  When she gets up
she heaves herself up using the front part of her body.  The past few
weeks whenever she gets up after resting/sleeping the night she
cries/yelps.  It is so sad seeing her like this.  She is only 7 years.
Here is the thing that puzzles me most though – if I take her to the park
she runs around like there is nothing wrong with her whatsoever – she
plays with our other dog and tears around looking for squirrels & jumps up
at trees, and if we did not limit her she would do this for hours!  Later
on ofcourse she is screams on movement.

We have had her to 2 vets, they both pulled her back legs out behind her
and said they could not feel anything wrong.  The last one pressed really
hard on her right knee and said he could feel some thickening of bone
suggesting arthritis.  His recommedation was rimadiyl which we refused, he
did not offer us any other alternatives.

For the past 2 and a half months we have had her on this product -
http://corporate.moxxor.com/product/ despite many recommendations from
other dog owners that have used this product, we have seen no improvement
in her whatsoever. Thanks for any help.

Dr. Chris’ reply:

Hi Desiree,
Try the Glycanaid HA
What you are saying strongly suggests a cruciate ligament issue. You should read some of the posts on my site about this.
Basically, you need an X-ray of both knees (and hips). If there is any evidence of knee arthritis then this is likely an early stage cruciate injury / disease. If they find this I would be having a very good chat about surgery.
Early and skillful cruciate surgery can prevent a lot of arthritis. What arthritis does come is usually controllable with supplements and/or prescription meds. Hope this helps and stay in touch.


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